The accountable practice project

It has been awhile

Since I posted last, I've been busy, which is a good thing for a freelancer so I can't really complain about that. Though, I did catch the flu last week which let me start a new project I had had in the back of my mind for awhile. I have named it "the accountable practice" project. In short, it is a continuation of some of my last posts, about getting the most out of sessions, being accountable for all the facets of playing, etc. 

So how is this one different?

Well, I am streaming it... that is the big difference, for me, that puts a big level of accountability on what I am doing, what "little whoopsies" I let slide, and so forth. Having the potential for anyone to stop in and watch, comment, etc. really makes you make good decisions, or bask in the bad ones. It is, in ways, the extreme of the idea to "practice like your teacher is there" or the idea that in music school, while we grinded away in the practice rooms, your peers, teachers, the person gunning for your seat, etc are all listening to what you are doing. So this is really just pushing that to the extreme. If you are interested I am streaming over on my twitch channel. 

Just use this link:  

I try to stream at 11 AM MT when my schedule allows it. There is a schedule there I would post when the stream is happening. Right now the format is informal, I have had people hang out, ask questions, etc. I am trying to explain what/why I am doing things, as well, I always have my plan on the page, what materials I am using etc. 

Feel free to stop by, ask questions, etc. I do my best to answer them when they show up in chat. As well, follow the channel so you can know when new streams are coming. In the future I am planning to stream rehearsals etc. as it permits.

Okay, so where is the value?

This was a thing I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out... the why/where part of this. I don't need to "stroke my ego" and this is also, maybe the worst way to do that, to be honest, to lift the curtain on the behind the scenes is never flattering. So for me, the value is in accountability, and consistency. It locks me into a time, makes me plan carefully, and to be very involved in my practice (at least one session a day). So what about the viewer? I think the value for the viewer in this situation is different based on your level. It lets you see what a professional does daily, the decisions in structure, etc. So it can give you ideas, expose you to a variety of methods, studies, etc. That is, to me, where the real value is. 

Hope to see you one time stopping by.