3-day Productive Practice Planner

A project

I have been working on a project for the past little while. You know if you go to your local bookstore (chapters, etc) in the "planners" section you can always find "productivity planners". I had been thinking, why not have one for practicing. The problem with it for music, to me, is the specificity that we work with. So that has to be incorporated, as well, a 365 day planner doesn't make sense to me for this purpose, since we tend to be project based. Auditions, concerts, lessons, etc. 

My solution is a 21 day planner. Which can be used conveniently with such resources as Dr.Don Greene's 21-day countdown. That planner though, is still being developed. At this point though, I have a 3-day one I have been working on and am ready to release. Why 3 days? Well it's enough to start building momentum, as well it is breif enough that it can be reused. It won't have the same kind of trajectory as the longer version, but, it works... at least I think, let me know!

It can be downloaded on my download page, or, using the button below. OH, did I mention the 3 day is free, no catch, no mailing list subscription, nothing like that.

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